We're getting you unstuck and busting forward with momentum

We're getting you unstuck and busting forward with momentum

Easily attracting TRIBE WORTHY members is what we do best! With our ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY of Lead Nurture and Member Nurture using our NURTURE FUNNEL™ strategy, we use your strengths to grow your Young Living business.

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There is a reason my friend. Well, there are two reasons.. 

You may be attempting Social Selling IPAs as a Hospitality Maven™ (yes we made that term up but I promise more than half of you gems are Mavens and its A GOOD GOOD THING!

Or you are a Social Seller trying to attempt Maven activities. 

Friends, one won't serve you well nor will it speak to your Genius Zone to the tune of results and success in your business. With us here at Oily Boss Babes™ you discover which you are and learn how to work thE RIGHT IPAs for YOU!

You may not be focusing on all areas of IPA importance. There are actually 4, not 3. We mentioned them above in the working stages. And we teach you how to create the right IPAs that have you working in all areas of your business without burnout and without neglecting one or ore critical areas for the other.

Have you ever experienced a lull in your IPA work, or the feeling that the activities suggested weren't quite fitting?

Did you know there are different IPAs depending on your genius zone?

+ We have taken the guess work out of IPAs.

+ We've mapped your roadmap for you to help you determine your ideal member, find them, attract them to your nurture, and lead them into a quality membership experience!

+ It's all the same great business, better defined FOR YOUR UNIQUE GENIUS ZONE. And we are showering you with Marketing Strategy, Coaching and Resources.


Diamond Society Membership

Working with the Oily Boss Babes and learning this fresh new perspective on how to run my business has been amazing! 

The idea of my members having an actual experience or program to be involved in, versus just focusing on products has been a total game changer. The way they break down attraction marketing, lead nurturing to get to know our prospects even better as they get a better taste of our community, and then getting them to want to be more involved for the long term without chasing people is huge. 

This style of business speaks my language perfectly and I can’t wait to implement everything I’ve learned! Can’t thank you ladies enough!


"This fresh new perspective on how to run my business has been amazing! "

We are made up of Attraction Marketing, Social Selling, Hospitality, and Membership Creation/Experience experts. It's as if it's our day jobs, oh wait, it is ;-). We cannot wait to pour this goodness into you Babe!

You get us. A panel of 2 or more Coaches once per month for group coaching Ask Us Anything calls.

And we will also be in once per month for Skills Training to help you sharpen your skills in Membership Ecosystems, Social Selling, Accountability Coaching Services, or Attraction Marketing for YOUR unique situation and business. 

Who doesn't love having more work wives in this business?! We know we do. This community of DOERS is amazing. The energy is high and everyone is out to create that Ideal Member Experience for their Ideal Members both future and current. There is a beauty in women coming together to actively support each other in their genius zones!

Here's What You'll Get Inside

Coaching Team

Work Wives 

team of experts


Find a stellar Guide and Bonus training inside that shows you how to determine the RIGHT IPAs for you based on your Genius Zone and your own quarterly goals as a business owner and membership builder!

IPAs for the Social Seller & Hospitality Maven

IPA Guides based on Genius zone

+ Minimum of 20 Stock Images monthly in lifestyle themes, Oily Boss Babe™ themed, and using YL™ products

+Lightroom Presets + Basics on how to shoot your own photos with your phone and minimal set up, with all editing in Apps

+Downloadable resources you can print and mai off as Happy Mail

+Onboarding Goodies for New Members!

+And so much more!

Goodies Galore

Monthly Resource bundle


Our courses are full training, education and implementation strategy for any number of possible business and marketing topics. 

Our FEATURED Foundations Bundle will teach you all the skills you need to quickly and simply develop a quality membership and member experience for your ideal member with topics inside the Foundations Bundle such as:

+Discovering your Movement

+Discovering your Ideal Member

+Building an Irresistible Membership Offer for your Ideal Member

+Attraction Marketing and Social Selling 101 with organic traffic.

+Accountability Coaching 1.0, learn to offer Accountability Coaching Services as part of your Membership Experience!

Challenges are offered frequently, our next Challenge is our 1k Mastermind. In this 60-Day Challenge of DOING you will be challenged to grow your network of influence using Attraction Marketing and Social Selling skills to 1,000 new and QUALIFIED Ideal Members to nurture into Membership decisions. Are you up for that challenge?! Look for the 1K Mastermind Challenge Add-On inside Diamond Society™! 

Get exclusive access discounted access to Courses & Challenges

Member Discount

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Double and triple your reach with lead pools and networks of influence filled with qualified pospects?

How does this sound?

Establish a heart-centered membership offer & member experience that your members are elated to take part in. 



the results you could get with imperfect action and a whole lot of doing:

Rest confidently in understanding and nurturing your Genius Zone as a Social Seller or Hospitality Maven


Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident with your new solid nurture plan.


Become an Accountability Coach who is confident in positioning yourself as such for your members!


Never wonder what your IPA's (Income Producing Activities) should be day-to-day, know exactly every day how you should spend your time and attention inside your Nurture Funnel™.


How It Works

Choose the Diamond Society™ Membership below, it is only $24 per month as an introductory price, so jump in right away and get to Doing!

First commit to success

Click the link below and register for your ideal Membership offer. We are eager to serve you and can't wait to jump in with you as you discover your Genius Zone as Hospitality Maven or Social Seller and then THRIVE in your Genius Zone from there!

Then learn & JUMP IN

Take your new skills and resources, and do the things! Grow and thrive. Get some pep in your step and turn your dreams into doing steps! If you need coaching and role playing, plus access to a massive amount of support and resources, get your hiney into Diamond Society

Get to work babe!

Since making the decision to fallow the Oily Boss Babes, Carrie and her team have shown me how to share authentically without it feeling forced. It was like a weight had been lifted when they showed me how to get people to pursue me instead of the other way around applying a lead nurture strategy. I highly recommend giving them a try if you struggle with finding a natural flow to building your business.


got her business groove:


Carrie thanks for giving me a sense of direction. 
I have been going in circles for months maybe years with my Young Living Business.  
I knew I needed a something, but what?
It was a push! 
A push that would lead me to dig deep and figure out my “Why, What, and How”! 
These last few months watching your coaching videos and being on your coaching calls has really been the thing I needed to find a sense of direction. Some clarity. Some purpose. 
I’m excited where this takes my Business and how it helps me fulfill my purpose. 
Keep being “Pushy” you are making a difference!
A Big Shout out to Oily Boss Babes for helping me find my “Why”! 
Lawana Schrieffer


loves the functionality:


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